Chakra Challenge Recap: Third Eye Chakra

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This November I delved into my Third Eye Chakra centre with the goal of becoming more unified with the universe. Without sounding too “woo woo,” this month’s mantra has been all about trusting that I’m on the right path and finding the stillness to notice the signs gently nudging me in the right direction.

It was a big ask and isn’t something that just happens overnight, over a month, or even over a few years. It can take a lifetime (or several!) to understand the universe’s truths. 

Purple Food Please (photo by Caroline Attwood)

Eating Purple

Purple food is fun. It was an easy colour to cook with that coincided with Toronto’s chilly November weather:

Feeling Cleansed (photo by Chinh Le Duc)

Cleansing for Clarity

I stopped drinking alcohol for the month of November with the hopes of welcoming as much clarity as possible into my day-to-day. This isn’t a new practice for me, I tend to do it around once per year. 

I’m no saint. November was a convenient month (pre hectic Holidays) to ‘go sober.’ Plus, I didn’t have many festivities on my social calendar. I figured that fewer weekend hangovers would make more room for weekend meditation.

In addition to quitting alcohol for the month, I also did a juice cleanse. There are pros and cons associated with juice cleansing and I wouldn’t do this for more than a few days at a time. However, in my experience, I’ve found this practice to be a wonderful dietary reset and a great way to eliminate distraction and focus inwards.

So, what was the result of my month’s worth of cleansing? Well, I didn’t learn all the secrets of the universe. But I did carve out some valuable time for self-reflection and refocusing on what I want to achieve for the remainder of 2019.

Tuning Inwards (photo by Aziz Acharki)

Seeking Stillness

Yin is a form of yoga that’s all about surrendering into stillness and remaining curious about what comes up in that space. It’s the opposite of those fierce Warrior II vibes you’ll get from a sweaty vinyasa practice. With yin, you hold a pose for up to 3 minutes and surrender your body to gravity’s force.

The only way to survive a 3-minute pigeon pose is by focusing on the breath and tuning inwards. I’ve been a fan of yin, and yin-like stretch classes for a long time now. This November, I’ve been taking advantage of the trial month deals offered at two of my local yoga studios, Ahimsa Yoga and Kula Yoga. Both of these studios host superb Monday night yin classes.

Like cleansing, practicing yin yoga isn’t a magical cure-all, but it does serve as a peaceful antidote to the stresses of everyday life.

You’re on the Right Path (photo by Chris Ensey)

Third Eye Chakra Takeaway

Boiled down to its essence, the Third Eye Chakra is all about trust. Trusting that you’re travelling down the universe’s unique path for you, at your own perfect pace. Gracefully rising to meet the challenges on your path and trusting that these obstacles are there for learning and insight. Que sera, sera.

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” –  Aldous Huxley

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