A Mindset-is-Everything Reminder

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Words of Wisdom (photo by Jonas Jacobsson)

I learned some valuable lessons recently about the power of the mind. Actually, I’m not sure I learned the lessons. I just took a refresher course. Your mindset and the thoughts that pass through your brain are everything. Think about it – there are sooo many sayings out there about mindset:

“It’s all in the mind”

“Get your head in the game”

“Mind over matter”

“Change your mentality to change your reality”

I could go on.

Radiate Positivity (photo by Erik Witsoe)

On the recommendation of a dear friend, I downloaded Gabby Bernstein’s latest book, Super Attractor. I’m only halfway through her work and yet I’ve already noticed positive results. And I’ve only casually applied some of Gabby’s techniques.

Self-help books are one of my favourite genres and I read a lot from this category. While I think that an unregulated obsession with self-help literature can lead to less-than self-talk, I believe the genre can play a valuable role in mental resets. My partner said it best. Sometimes we need self-help books to remind us of what we already know.

The mark of a qualified writer is the ability to break down complex ideas into lay terms – to the point where you put down a book or article feeling like you could have written the exact same thing. That’s what I love about self-help: a challenging concept transforms into actionable steps through the author’s expertise.

Gabby’s book is no exception. A spiritual teacher, one could argue that the lessons Gabby teaches are already within us. She’s simply the channel through which we access the truth.

The message of Super Attractor is that your mind, mentality, thoughts, and vibrations are everything. Like attracts like. 

Good Vibes Only (photo by Ramille Soares)

I know this to be true. But I’d forgotten it somewhere along the way. Maybe it’s the same as yoga’s message of journeying through the self, back to yourself. But these messages are so easy to forget, especially when we’re going through a rough patch.

So that’s why I popped onto the blog this week for a reminder to check your mindset. If you’re thinking negative, that’s how you’ll feel and that’s what you’ll attract. 

The good news is that the complete opposite is true: once I thought my way towards more positive daydreams and mantras, my entire energy balance began to shift. 

Because I’m human, there’s a high chance that I’ll end up swimming in gloomy waters again. I hope that when it happens, I’ll remind myself that mindset-is-everything and reach for a positive podcast or self-help book to nudge me back on track.

It says it in the word anyway. Mindset. Life brings us whatever we set our minds to.

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