7-Month Chakra Challenge: Third Eye Chakra

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Perception beyond Vision (photo by Brendan Church)

The Challenge

It’s November, which means it’s time to delve into the Third Eye Chakra. This energy centre governs everything that we perceive beyond our two eyes. The Third Eye is the seat of our intuition and higher judgment.

Ajna is the Sanskrit word for the Third Eye Chakra. Ajna is located inside the brain at the pineal gland. The Third Eye is our command centre, the point where higher knowledge is transmitted to us. It’s where we download messages of universal wisdom that help us actualise our Highest Selves. 

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra)

The Third Eye Chakra is related to the element of light. Here at the top of the chakra column, we are dealing with intangible concepts. We’re up in our heads, and even beyond.  

With balance and clarity at this centre of intuition, we’re able to communicate through the airwaves. We’re no longer in ‘need’ of a human teacher because we’re able to access the universe’s lessons.

Meditation is a crucial component of the Third Eye Chakra. Tuning inwards and enhancing innate awareness helps develop peace and understanding. When you don’t know what to do, meditate to hear what’s real. You’ll find you had the answers all along.

Purple Cabbage Eater (photo by Matthew McBrayer)

Chakra Deficiency

A deficient Third Eye Chakra indicates a discord between how you’re acting and who you really are. You’ve lost touch with your life’s path and don’t have the directions to find your way back. Without strength in the Third Eye, you’re unable to live your dharma – your life’s cosmic purpose. 

If you have a deficient Third Eye Chakra, you’re out of touch with your life purpose:

  • You have a tough time reading people, yourself, and situations
  • You obsess over the minutiae of day-to-day life and struggle to see the bigger picture
  • You’re unhappy with where you are in life but don’t know how to improve your situation
  • You often find yourself in situations you could have avoided with better judgment
  • You seek out constant sources of stimulation in order to feel complete

Chakra in Excess

Excessive Third Eye Chakra energy takes the form of overcompensation. Instead of strolling steadfast along your life’s path, you push and shove your way forward. An overactive Third Eye can see us clinging to superficial powers that don’t resonate with our souls. If you have to use force to get where you’re going, it’s probably not where you’re meant to end up.

If you have excessive Third Eye Chakra energy, you get stuck in your head:

  • Your ego attaches to “special powers” like seeing the future and reading minds
  • You experience headaches or sharp shooting pains at the temples
  • You’re perceived as arrogant, opinionated and judgemental
  • You struggle with anxiety, paranoia and mental overwhelm
  • You overindulge in imagination and daydreaming, detaching from the real world
Plum Yum (photo by Joanna Kosinska)

Food for the Third Eye Chakra

Purple-coloured foods are perfect for the Third Eye Chakra. Consume cabbage, purple kale, beets, and eggplant. For the sweet tooth, purple fruits like plums, prunes, grapes and goji berries work well.

Though not purple, nuts, fish, and seeds are high in Omega-3s which support brain function. Adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha and brahmi/bacopa have brain-enhancing effects.

My favourite suggestion this month is dark chocolate. This treat can help with mental clarity by causing the body to release feel-good serotonin hormones!

Yoga for the Third Eye Chakra

Practice asanas that stimulate your forehead:

  • Standing Forward Bend (uttanasana)
  • Humble Warrior (baddha virabhadrasana)
  • Wheel Pose (chakrasana)
  • Child’s Pose (balasana)
Trust the Universe’s Cosmic Plan (photo by Jeremy Thomas)

Meditation for the Third Eye Chakra

Meditate, meditate, meditate! There’s no better way to bring balance to the Third Eye by focusing on this energy centre during meditation.

A simple meditation, focusing attention on the centre of the head works best. Close your eyes and bring awareness to the point between the eyebrows. Visualise the colour purple, and when your attention drifts, bring it back to the location of the Third Eye. Your Third Eye is a blank screen. Focus on keeping this ‘blackboard’ blank (or purple). This way, we leave room for the universe to write its message to us.

Practice this meditation morning and night.

The following practice is borrowed from Anodea Judith’s Wheels Of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System:

Begin in a seated meditation position, spine straight. Close your eyes and bathe them in the darkness. Bring your awareness to the point between your eyes, in the centre of the head. Feel the darkness there, and let yourself bask in its quiet calm.

When you feel centred, open your eyes and gaze straight ahead. Slowly look upward, stretching your eyes skyward, without moving your head. Then trace a straight line downward, gazing as low as your vision can reach, still without moving your head. Repeat upward, and then downward again, then return your eyes to centre, and close them, returning to the darkness.

Open your eyes again and centre them. Then repeat the above movements, going instead from corner to corner, first from upper right to lower left, two times, then from upper left to lower right, also two times. Return again to darkness.

Repeat again, moving from far right to far left, returning to darkness after two times. The final time, after centring your eyes, make half circles, first on the top, then on the bottom, and finish by rolling your eyes “around the clock,” making a complete rotation, stretching your eyes as far as they can go, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Close your eyes again. Rub your palms together briskly, until you feel your hands become warm. When the heat feels sufficient, place your warmed palms over your eyelids and let your eyes bask in the warmth and darkness. As the heat dissipates, slowly stroke your eyelids, massaging your forehead and face. From here you can either go into a deeper meditation or return to the outside world.

Light of Sight (Photo by Rebecca Peterson-Hall)

Lifestyle for the Third Eye Chakra

☑Chant AUM (OM)

Om is known as the primordial sound, aka the Sound of the Universe. This sacred syllable is chanted to close yoga practices. It can be hummed when we want to solidify a message or honour an idea. Chant Om to bring clarity to the Third Eye Chakra. 


Mantras are magic words of wisdom getting birthed into the universe. Speak these sentences to yourself as you meditate and during the quiet moments where you’re hanging with yourself.

  • “I trust the universe”
  • “My Highest Self always knows what’s best”
  • “Intuition is my guiding light”
☑Trāṭaka – Candle Gazing

In this form of meditation, you focus your gaze steadily on the burning wick of a candle (or any fixed point). As with any meditative practice, when you notice your attention drifting away from the flame, gently bring it back. If your eyes get dry staring at the flame, gently close them. The candle’s image will show in your mind’s eye. Gently re-open your eyes when ready. Repeat this process.

☑True Nature

Get in touch with your true nature by immersing yourself in nature. The Third Eye Chakra is governed by the element of light. This can be sunshine, but it can also be the glowing moon and stars. Spend time outdoors when it’s sunny or during the full moon. The next full moon will occur on 12th November 2019. 

New Insights November

With a strong sense of intuition, we take hold of the reigns steering us along our life’s path. A balanced Third Eye Chakra enables us to trust that we’re travelling at the exact speed, and in the exact direction, that we’re meant to. What new insights will you open up to this November?

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