7-Month Chakra Challenge: Crown Chakra

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A Higher Crown (photo by Caroline Veronez)

The Challenge

We’ve made it to December. It’s the end of the year, the end of the decade(!), and the final month of chakra explorations. The Crown Chakra is the pinnacle of our energy column and governs our higher states of consciousness. Aptly named, the Crown Chakra sits right on top, or just above, our heads – like a crown.

Sahasrara is the Sanskrit word for the Crown Chakra. The word translates to “thousand-petaled” which refers to the multiplicitous lotus that is its symbol. This speaks to the infinite nature of the universe and our place within it. 

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

I’d heard about the chakra system at brief stages throughout my life but first began really learning about the subtle body during yoga teacher training. My instructor dedicated an equal amount of time to explaining the roles and governances of the first six chakras. And then completely omitted touching on the seventh and final chakra!

Her reasoning was that the Crown Chakra represents liberation – mukti – the transcendence into bliss. It’s true. In order to access this ‘level,’ all of the lower chakras must be in balance.

Whilst my 7-month journey into the chakra system has brought me more knowledge and awareness, I can’t pretend that I’ve reached any sort of spiritual enlightenment. But what I can do is help explain the role of the Crown Chakra and what it represents for ourSelves.

The Crown Chakra relates to our experience of our own mind. Sahasrara is the awareness that’s separate from the hamster wheel of thoughts that we regularly identify with. The seventh chakra is our natural essence. The true You.

Thousand-Petaled Lotus (photo by Jay Castor)

A Blocked Crown Chakra

Dischord at the Crown Chakra represents a separation from your true nature. When your seventh chakra is closed, you’re unable to receive downloads and messages from the universe. Instead, you seek inspiration and ideas from others. While friends and family represent a wonderful support network, ultimately only the higher powers that be can offer guidance on your soul’s calling.

An Open Crown Chakra

An open Crown Chakra represents the highest state of flow. With clarity at this energy centre, you’re tapped into the universe’s limitless energy and inspiration. At this stage, nothing is finite and creativity is boundless. You’re in tune with all of life’s expansive energy.  

Clear Soup Clarity (photo by Henrique Félix)

Food for the Crown Chakra

Much like the Third Eye Chakra, purple foods are balancing for the Crown Chakra. The colours grey, white, clear and gold are also associated with the Crown Chakra. As such, simple broth soups, tea and plain old hydrating water are all nourishing options.

Yoga for the Crown Chakra

Practice asanas that integrate your entire being from head to toe:

  • Eagle Pose (garudasana)
  • Tree Pose (vriksasana)
  • Supported Headstand (salamba sirsasana)
  • Lotus Pose (padmasana)
Connection to a Higher Source (photo by Greg Rakozy)

Meditation for the Crown Chakra

A LOT of stillness is required to tune into the high vibrations of the Crown Chakra. Practice meditation twice a day, for at least 20 minutes each time. Be prepared to write down your “universal downloads” as you focus on opening your Crown Chakra. The higher wisdom of the universe talks to us when we quiet down enough to listen. Keep a journal and pencil handy as you meditate. Be open to the messages you may receive.

A thousand-petaled meditation will work into the Crown Chakra:

Come to a comfortable seated position and bring the focus to the breath. Sit with a straight spinal column. Picture a lotus sat atop your head with a thousand petals spiraling out from its centre. The countless petals open up to a divine light that’s given passage into your chakra column. This divine light is given access to your core, you allow it to flow through you, warming and nourishing. Imagine this glowing light to be a symbol of your unity with the universe. Bask in the feeling of oneness. Experience this connection across all of your senses.

Look Up (photo by Paul Csogi)

Lifestyle for the Crown Chakra

☑Positive Vibrations

In previous months, a sacred syllable was offered for chanting. Now that we’re at the Crown Chakra, there isn’t an associated sound. Of course, chanting OM(AUM) can always help balance and unify the mind and spirit. This month, focus on keeping your mental space in a zone of positivity. These vibrations will radiate outwards.


Affirmations assist with directing our energetic vibrations towards our desires. Think, feel and embody the below statements to work into an open Crown Chakra:

  • “I honour the divine within me and everyone I meet”
  • “I am connected with the wisdom of the universe”
  • “I release all attachments and expectations”
☑Seek Joy

The Crown Chakra is synonymous with bliss. Surrender to what makes you feel expansive and the acts in which you can lose yourself to the moment. Be it singing, dancing, or spending time with loved ones, actively pursue your passion.

☑Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Remind yourself of how small you and your problems really are. Look up at the night sky filled with stars, gaze out onto the ocean or wonder at the magnitude of mountains. Life is magnificent. 

Divine December

Delve into the divine this December. As a month of celebration, love and reflection, December is the perfect time to reflect on the interconnected nature of life. Trust the universe and celebrate joy – it’s the best way to connect with the Higher Source.

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